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  • Black Bart The Poet Robber. Beware of the man in a flour sack and derby hat.
  • Black Bart: aka Charles E. Bolton. "The PO8 Robbed Stages!"
  • The Story of Black Bart Fact and Legend
  • Black Bart: His Most Famous Robbery
  • Black Bart, The Legend
  • The Capture of Black Bart From the Museum of the City San Francisco
  • Black Cowboys Almost totally missing from the traditional history of the American West is the role of the Black cowboy
  • Black Cowboys There were about 9000 Black Cowboys working cattle on the ranches of Texas and Indian Territory after the Civil War
  • The Bonnie and Clyde Archives A collection of short essays, photographs, and information meant to give the visitor a good overview of the Barrow Gang
  • Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum of William F Cody, Lookout Mountain, Colorado.
  • Buffalo Bill Museum Cody, Wyoming. This collection also interprets the history of the American cowboy, dude ranching, western conservation, frontier entrepreneurship and, perhaps most important, the source of our ideas about the West.
  • Buffalo Bill's Scout's Rest Ranch Located along the North Platte in Nebraska. A good bio of Buffalo Bill.
  • Buffalo Bill By Darcie & Rachel of the St. George Elementary third and fourth grade class
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West Cody's life itself seemed to embody and symbolize the history of the west.
  • Buffalo Bill Cody: Bull Whacker, Pony Express Rider, Stage Coach Driver
  • William F Cody Buffalo Bill: One of the most colorful figures of the Old West became the best known spokesman for the New West
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The authors of this web site traveled extensively in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, researching the exploits and fates of the two most famous members of the Wild Bunch. Lots of information here.
  • A Tribute to Billy the Kid with links to other sites.
  • The Billy The Kid Pages promote and protect the history of William Bonney, the "real" Billy the Kid, and promote sites and functions about his history throughout New Mexico
  • Billy The Kid--His Life and Times These pages are about Henry "The Kid" McCarty
  • Wild Bill Hickok, Indian-fighter and frontier marshal famous for his deadly shooting
  • Wild Bill Hickok By David & Joey of the St. George Elementary third and fourth grade class
  • Wild Bill Hickok, a well-dressed but deadly frontiersman, peace officer and gambler have made him an eduring Western legend
  • Wild Bill Hickok Scout, driver of the Overland Stage Lines, and marshall of Midwestern towns
  • Wild Bill Hickok From the Overland Trail Pages: Driver of the Stage
  • British Gentlemen in the Old West An interesting article which explores events leading up to the British cowboy's arrival in the West, their lives in cattle country, and circumstances that forced them to leave.
  • Canadian Cowboy
  • The Cowboy Trail
  • A very complete bibliography on Cowboys and Cowgirls
  • Cowboy Links Hundreds of links to "cowboy" pages.... western equipment, firearms, art, clothing, trail rides, historical sites, rodeos, horses, radio stations.... if it has anything to do with cowboys or the west, you'll find it here!
  • Wyatt Earp and the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" which has come to epitomize the wild west showdown most of us think of
  • A good history of Wyatt Earp "Desert Lawman and Adventurer "
  • Grizzly Trail Sports For Guns and Accessories, Cowboy Action Shooting, Paintball and Horse Tack & Supply
  • John Wesley Hardin, Texas' most notorious gunfighter
  • Pearl Hart: Female Stage Robber
  • "Doc" Holliday"The nerviest, fastest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever saw!" says Wyatt Earp. Lots of good information on Wyatt Earp's best friend
  • Tom Horn, one of the last of the legendary cowboys, hung at Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1903. This is a poem by Doug Kafka, cowboy poet, enthusiast of western history
  • Tom Horn Legendary western scout, Pinkerton detective, and range detective
  • The Ike Clanton Gang This site is presented by Terry Ike Clanton, a cousin of the legendary Clantons of OK Corral Gunfight Fame
  • The James-Younger Gang Good information on Gang Members, Bank Robberies, and their Women
  • The Kansas Gunfighters Home Page includes gunfighters from all the western states, and lots of interesting facts too good to pass up!
  • Willie Kennard, the man who tamed the wild Colorado gold mining town of Yankee Hill in 1874
  • Legends of the West The home of some of the most famous and notorious lawmen, theives, and murderers of the American Old West
  • OK Corral An animated reconstruction of the gun fight at the OK Corral
  • Other notable figures in the life of Wyatt Earp: his family, others at the OK Corral, and more!
  • Outlaws of Oklahoma: Renegades, Rebels, & Rogues
  • Ponderosa Parts Where you'll find all kinds of parts for antique, obsolete, and just plain guns. This site has just what you've been looking for!
  • Potato Creek Johnny Deadwood's Beloved Prospector
  • Riding The Range and Robbing The Stage
  • Rocky Mountain Gunslingers Lots of links to gunslingers, lawmen, and old west sites
  • The Single Action Shooting Society Homepage All about the fastest growing shooting sport in the nation and links to other cowboy related sites.
  • Stagecoach Robberies and Murders written by Wyatt Earp in 1896
  • Stage Robbers Captured A story by Mark Twain
  • The Strong Box: Irresistible to the robbers
  • The Vigilantes of Montana: Secret trials and midnight hangings

  • Check out The Gunfighter Zone site for books that can be ordered over the Net on all kinds of topics such as Cowboy Action or on Guns and Holsters or this on Gunfighters or The Outlaws. Perhaps you're interested more on Lawmen. Getting specific, there's a lot to choose from The OK Corral and Tombstone with all it's Characters, especially Wyatt Earp.

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