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Books on the Oregon Trail


  • All about the Oregon Trail
  • Are We There Yet? Traveling the trail--then and now, a very nice web site published by students at the Robert Gray Middle School, Portland Oregon
  • Echoes of Oregon A Brief History of the Oregon Territorial Period from the Oregon State Archives
  • "End of the Oregon Trail" Interpretive Center in Oregon City, Oregon. Uses living history interpretations and exhibits that immerse visitors in the dreams, desires and adventures of those who made the journey west. This facility was constructed in the shape of three covered wagons.
  • Historical Museums can be found in nearly every city in Oregon
  • Historic Sites Along the Oregon Trail: a good description of stops from St. Louis to Oregon City.
  • Historical Sites: buildings, churches, houses, museums, etc. along the Oregon Trail
  • In Search of the Oregon Trail The PBS site
  • The Mid-Columbia River Gorge history and a chronology of the Oregon Trail
  • The NPS's site on the Oregon National Historic Trail
  • National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center The BLM web site.
  • The Oregon Territory : great pages on the Trail and the settlement of Oregon by Stephenie Flora
  • The Oregon Trail: 1792 - 1830 Traditionally, the story of the Oregon Trail begins with the European/American discovery of the Columbia River and the voyages of captains Gray and Vancouver in 1792
  • The Oregon Trail 1831 - 1840 Along the Trail before the great wave of emigration
  • The Oregon Trail Starting in 1843, a steady progression of emigrants began traveling the Oregon Trail. Thousands came west. Some said it was Manifest Destiny and the will of God that America should expand from sea to sea. Others saw it as opportunity.
  • Oregon Trail Sites Complete information about sites in Oregon, cross referenced with the Oregon Trail Kiosk Tour
  • Oregon Trail Timelines From 1792 to 1843 this extensive site mixes descriptions of important events and people with details, trivia, and a list of sources. It's best if you have a specific year in mind before you try to use the Time Frame for research--just scroll down to the year you want.
  • The Oregon Trail Timeline What was happening in other parts of the West and the "States" during the time of the Oregon Trai from 1841 to 1866. From the "End of the Oregon Trail" pages.
  • The Oregon Trail The AmericanWest site--informative text and images
  • Oregon Trail Mileposts Significant mileposts were the rivers to cross, springs with fresh cool water, Pony Express stations and stagecoach stops, massive sandstone formations such as Chimney Rock, and perhaps the most well know, Independence Rock.
  • The Oregon Trail through Oregon.
  • The Oregon National Historical Trail with some history, and a listing of major stops from Independence, Missouri and Oregon City, Oregon with distances in between.
  • Oregon's Historic Trails A report of sixteen trails which cross Oregon. Relief maps with the trails superimposed, and a bibliography of each of the trails.
  • Places to visit along the Oregon Trail.
  • The Oregon Trail A good introduction with numerous links.
  • Who Discovered the South Pass? The Detroit Advertiser having asserted that Fremont was the discoverer of the South Pass of the Rocky Mountains, a correspondent of the Detroit Free Press denies the truth of statement and the editor of that journal publishes this letter from Ramsay Crooks, Esq., of New York in June 1856.
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    The Oregon-California Trails Association's regional or state chapters that have web sites include:
  • Utah
  • St. Joseph, MO and northeast Kansas
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Oregon, Washington, and Western Canada
  • Arizona and New Mexico
  • Kansas City area
  • Wyoming
  • California-Nevada

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  • Landmarks to the Oregon Trail A great website from Beaverton Oregon Schools. Lots of links to student work.
  • History of the Oregon Trail from Jefferson County, Nebraska
  • Didn't The Oregon Trail Go By Here? The answer is not simple as there was no single route, just a destination