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  • The Official Gold Rush Wagon Train of the 49ers The Official Gold Rush Wagon Train will follow a route that covers 10 states and many National Historic Trails as well as unmarked trails. The route travels through sections of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and California.
  • And The "Unofficial" pages of the Gold Rush Wagon Train Lots of pictures here of the Wagon Train going through Kansas
  • Major Sites of the Official Gold Rush Wagon Train Includes portions of the Overland Trail and the Cherokee Trail through Colorado and Wyoming
  • Follow the 150th anniversary year of the California National Historical Trail Wagon Train An independent wagon train that will be commemorating the 150 year anniversary of the 49'ers California Gold Rush wagon train.
  • Schedule of Towns and Dates of the CA Nat'l Historical Trail Wagon Train
  • Follow the Way West Virtual Gold Rush 49er: The Way West Comes Alive in 1999!
  • Follow these Trails to the Gold Rush

  • Modern Day Oregon Trails A guide to a number of routes following history within the state of Oregon
  • Trace the tracks of the Oregon Trail through Union County Oregon.
  • Emigrant Road: An Oregon Trail Adventure Emigrant Road tells the story of what it might have been like to travel along the Oregon Trail in the 1840's and 1850's. It is a feature-length travelogue documentary motion picture produced for Travelogue Film Series-type lectures.
  • A Modern Day Emigrant's Guide to Bicycling the Trail Find out about why a thirty year old man with a good job, a nice house, a wife and family with two petrol burning vehicles would decide to pitch it all and ride his bicycle to Oregon...
  • The Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway This Byway heads east into Oregon by way of Route 138; good maps too.
  • A great travel guide to Oregon , includes history, places to visit, etc. Also includes comprehensive listing of Historical Museums throughout Oregon.
  • Hiking the Lander Cut-Off The Lander Cut-Off is a section of the Oregon Trail built in the 1850s as a shortcut to Fort Hall. The route trimmed a week off emigrants' time to reach their destination in Oregon.
  • Lots of really great Links to Southern Oregon and beyond...
  • Also here are a number of links to following the Oregon Trail.

  • Follow the Santa Fe Trail, explore it's history, and check out a calendar of events along the trail to celebrate it's 175th anniversary.
  • Travel the Santa Fe Trail through several states. Visit towns, forts, and rest stops along the way...includes side trips, too.
  • Follow the Santa Fe Trail of Dreams. Immerse yourself in the past for weeks, sampling the numerous historic sites and hunting for out-of-the-way, original wagon ruts.
  • Follow the Santa Fe Trail through Colorado.
  • Other links to The Santa Fe Trail

  • Follow the famous Pony Express Trail on a well-maintained gravel road from central Utah due West into Nevada.
  • The Pony Express Route can be followed along US Route 50 through Utah and Nevada.
  • Other links to The Pony Express

  • Travel the Bozeman Trail: A guide for the casual traveler and scholar alike While only about 3,500 emigrants traversed the trail in 1864-66, its most significant consequence was that it cut through the Powder River Basin, the last and best hunting grounds of the Northern Plains Indians, and led to military occupation of the region and ultimately resulted in the Indian wars on the Northern Plains.
  • The Butterfield Loop Trail is a modern-day route travelers can take that retraces parts of the old Butterfield Stage Route and explores some of Southwestern New Mexico's historic sites.
  • Discover the Karl Bodmer Trail and other trails on the Trails West Links pages!
  • Driving the Lewis & Clark Trail From the GORP pages: It's possible to take a great two-week Western vacation focusing on the Lewis and Clark Trail.
  • The National Park Service and the California National Historic Trails pages have information on the approximately 5,665 miles of historic trails, of which about 2,171 miles cross public lands. Listed are contact addresses, etc for offices all over the west that will be able to provide more specific information for the portion of the trail in which you are interested.
  • A New Tour of the Old West The Wichita Western Heritage Tour is unique in that it includes not only the traditional elements of the "wild west", but also the art, animals and plants of the time.
  • The South Platte River Trail in Colorado is a 19 mile loop that includes stops at the site of the only Pony Express station in Colorado.

  • Treks and excursions along the trails

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