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Along the Trails West


    Beginning in the Summer and Fall of 2001 I traveled almost 20,000 miles on "Sidetrips." Following the major trails to the west, from West Virginia to California, I often took detours onto interesting looking roads to the north or south.
    Into the year 2002 I've continued to search out people, places and trails, particularily in the Southwest. These are just a few that I've encountered.
    As time permits, I will add more information.

  • Following the rivers in West Virginia.

  • Ohio: Once the Frontier

  • Kansas: Sunflowers in the Land of OZ

  • Colorado: Mountains and Mountain Men (and Women)

  • Texas: Cattle Trails and Pioneers

  • New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

  • Arizona: Gold Dust and Dynamite Powder

  • California: The Golden State

  • Nevada: US 50, "The Loneliest Road in America."

  • The Oregon/California Trail through eastern Idaho

  • Wyoming: The wind always blows

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