Route 66

The Mother Road

Route 66

  • Explore Route 66 Take the offramp into a bygone era. Discover the 2,400 miles of Route 66 and see how America traveled in the 1920's-60's.
  • Get Your Kicks On Route 66
  • Historic Route 66 Lots of links to all the towns and attractions along the historic Route 66
  • The History of Route 66 Very nice site about the East to West migration/emigration patterns in US History, culminating with Route 66.
  • Midpoint Cafe and Gift Shop Adrian, Texas. The exact midpoint of Historic Route 66! 1,139 miles from Chicago and 1,139 miles to Los Angeles on the Mother Road.
  • Route 66 The first all-weather highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles. It linked the isolated, rural West to the densely populated urban Midwest and Northeast. Chicago had long served as a transshipment point for goods that were transported to the West. The creation of Route 66 ensured the continuation of this vital socioeconomic link.
  • Route 66 Association The Illinois Chapter
  • Tucumcari, NM Route 66: Cities with Web Sites
  • Route 66: "Canyons, Cozy Dogs, and the Meaning of the West" Sunset Magazine's article by Peter Fish.
  • Route 66 Collection Home of the California Historic Route 66 Association
  • Route 66 Gallery & Essay Photos, essays, links and more!
  • Route 66: The Ghost Highway Route 66 is loaded with natural attractions, Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon National Parks are easily accessible from towns along Route 66. Canyon de Chelly, the much photographed wonder of the Navajo Nation, is a short distance away.
  • Route 66 Guide Honoring those who have traveled Route 66 before us, providing an opportunity for each town along Route 66 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary.
  • Route 66: The Mother Road in New Mexico Get Your Kicks in New Mexico during the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Route 66:Summer 2001
  • Route 66 Museum Interpreting the Route 66 experience: Clinton, Oklahoma
  • Route 66 Welcome Center "The Mother Road", Route 66 was featured in John Steinbeck's, The Grapes of Wrath, and later a movie of the same name. The trip of flight from the depression dust bowl to the promise of "golden" California is a true classic view of the depression era.

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