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    Spotlight of the Month October 2002 Spotlight of the Month: Southwest Explorations: A Study of the Historical Expeditions that Opened Arizona and the American West. To all of us traveling the highways of the West, we've often wondered, "What was this spot like when the first American explorers or emigrants saw it?" The author of this website has taken the diaries, journals, and official reports of early explorers and military expeditions traveling through Arizona, and followed their trails. There are numerous excerpts with accompanying modern photos of specific locations mentioned in the diaries or reports. Explorers' routes have been traced on maps of Arizona and New Mexico. In following the Gila, the San Pedro, the Pecos, the Salinas, the Colorado, and others rivers of the southwest, the author has provided good directions and GPS points to locations and photos. A great feature of this web site is the comparison of historical sketches, photos, and paintings accompanying the diaries or reports with modern photos that the author has taken of the same point of interest. He has also compared USGS topographical maps with historical maps or sketches found in the reports. A Bibliography and Reading List of books and articles pertaining to early explorations in Arizona and the Southwest is also included.

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  • Sidetrips Along the Trails West: A Summer of travel [IMAGE]

  • The Oregon Trail
  • South Pass
  • The Santa Fe Trail
  • Other Trails West **UPDATED & EXPANDED!** More than 350 links:From the Applegate Trail to Oregon Via Antartica! Also See:
          Links to Trails West Across the Plains and Mountains
          Links to Trails Across the Southwest & Cattle Trails
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          Links to Modern Trails and Scenic By-ways
  • Trails to the Gold Rush
  • Route 66: The Mother Road
  • Ancient Footpaths and Indian Trails Early Migration Patterns To The West
  • Before the Trails West A look at early peoples inhabiting America and the West, peoples here long before the Native Americans.
  • Military Roads Of The Old West
  • Wagon Roads to the West
  • Rivers to the West Includes art, birding, fishing, controversies, history, poetry, tours, museums, chronologies, and diary accounts relating to the "Rivers to the West."
  • Westward Expansion and Trails West Lesson Plans, Curriculum Ideas, Activities, Technology, How-To's, and WebQuests: Resources for teachers.
  • The Trails West A full service professional historical research organization equipped to assist authors, historians, and others with research, photos, aerial photography, cartography, tour planning (and more!) related to the American West.
  • The Civil War in the West
  • On-line Diaries, Memoirs and Letters **More than 100 individual diaries, and several collections!**
  • The Donner Party
  • Emigrant Lists
  • Emigrants, Trail Blazers and Personalities **UPDATED & EXPANDED!**
  • Gunslingers and Coyboys Good Guys and Bad...
  • The Military Along The Trails West
  • Mountain Men & Fur Traders
  • Mountain Man Information, Organizations and Rendezvous
  • Plains Indians
  • "Whips" and Robbers of the Stagecoaches
  • The Whitman Party
  • Women of the West
  • Following the Trails By auto, afoot, Stage Coach, and treks by Wagon Trains
  • Landmarks, Sites and Sightseeing Along the Trails West
  • GPS and Mapping the Trails
  • Trails West Museums
  • Old West Forts and Towns
  • Stage Coaches and Wagons From the East to the West
  • The Railroad West!
  • The H. K. Porter Locomotives Engines built specifically for industrial applications, mining, logging, plantations, or lightly built narrow gauge railroads. They helped to build the West, and are found in every country from Argentina to Zanzibar.
  • Western Stagecoach Travel **UPDATED & EXPANDED!**
  • On-Line Diaries, Memoirs and Letters
  • Literature, Culture, Photos, and Writings of the Old West
  • Old West History Links to Thousands of Sites!
  • Fort St. Vrain In danger of gravel mining! New
  • Shelter on the Western Frontier and every day life...
  • Learning the Traditional Art of Timber Framing and scribe-fit log construction
  • Stars Over the Western Trails
  • Vacation Rental Along the Western Trails
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  • Links to the Overland Trail More than 300 sites here on western history, trails, etc.

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