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The Virginia Dale Overland Trail Stage Station is one of the most outstanding examples of piece-sur-piece log construction in the state of Colorado. But...after 130 years of snow, wind and heat, the long, one story, hand-hewn log structure was showing signs of wear. The whole building was leaning to the south, and most of the sill logs that lay on the rock foundation had rotted away. Without immediate stabilization of the building, the threat of loss was imminent.

With the growing population of Colorado, the public has become interested in the historical value of this property, and wanted to see it preserved through a stabilization project. Because the Virginia Dale Station is on the National Register, any restoration work must be done in accordance with the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation Projects...and by qualified professionals.

In early 1996 members of the Virginia Dale community asked the Colorado State Historical Society to grant funding for the stabilization of the old Stage Station. On May 15, 1996 the Colorado State Historical Society announced that they would indeed grant funds of over $30,000 to stabilize the building. Only with such funding would it be feasible to perform the necessary work. It is hoped that sometime in the future, the building will be open to the public.

The Stage Station Restoration Project was fortunate to have been the recipient of the donated services of Chuck Mayhugh, a noted local architect. Mr. Mayhugh has worked on numerous historical projects, and has held many offices in professional organizations for architects. He has completed the plans for the stabilization and restoration of the Stage Station and was the overall supervisor of the stabilization project. The engineer chosen for the project was Peter Haney, a restoration specialist, and owner/director of the Rocky Mountain Workshops, a timber framing school. He has directed the restoration of numerous historical buildings in the United States and in Russia.

This project has halted. It appeared that certain individuals who own property in the area or are "caretakers/ranch-hands" of property were against any further restoration to the building, and would prefer to see even these web pages taken off the Internet. They are under the mistaken belief that "hundreds of busloads of tourists" will pour in "from the East." The Stage Station is located at the end of Larimer County Road 43F, a public right of way. If you are visiting the Stage Station, you will be able to take pictures of the grounds and the exterior of the building. Please do not trespass onto the private property.

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