Lady Moon

A Lady from Colorado

Catherine Gattan Moon, born on a ship at sea in 1865, came to Larimer County when she was 18 years old. A hearty buxom woman with black hair and blue eyes, Catherine worked as a waitress. She married Cecil Moon, a British Baronet, in Livermore in 1888.

Lord Cecil and Lady Catherine returned to England for a few years, but came back to Livermore in 1902. Lady Catherine was far from a "lady"; she was boisterious and ill mannered, and definitely did not conform to the sedate Victorian morals. She spent much of her time on the ranch drinking whiskey and hanging out with the ranch hands. Lord Cecil, being an Oxford educated gentleman, spent most of his time reading in their library. They were divorced after about 20 years of marriage.

With much controversy, Lady Moon insisted on retaining her title. In her later years, she continued to be a controversial figure in Fort Collins, dying her hair and dressing very flamboyantly.

A novelist, Homer Croy, wrote about her in a novel entitled, Lady from Colorado.

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