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This ring is dedicated to internet sites which feature any aspect of the Westward Movement.

If you love the Old West, it's history, the trails, the emigrants and pioneers, the forts and the military sent to protect the west , the mountain men, the outlaws and gunslingers, their weapons, the women who perservered and accompanied their menfolk, the diaries they wrote, the rush for gold, the other characters who were a part of it, its unique lifestyles, and also places you can visit that have maintained and preserved a slice of this Old West, you will definitely enjoy the sites on The Trails West WebRing.

The purpose of this WebRing is to expose the viewers to a wide variety of Old West sites. If you are unfamiliar with Internet or WebRings, this WebRing is intended to link together different Internet sites. It so simple for folks who are unfamiliar with the Internet or with WebRings to visit the sites they are most interested in!

A person finding The Trails West WebRing logo can visit every member's site, without having to use a search engine or know the other sites' Internet location.

To join, your site MUST be suitable for all age groups and cover a feature of the Old West such as, but not limited to:

The Trails West | Old West History | Westward Movement
Trailblazers | Emigrants and Pioneers
The Forts and Military sent to protect the West
Early Pioneer Towns along the Western Frontier
Stage Coaches | Covered Wagons | Early Transportation
Mountain Men | Outlaws and Gunslingers | Their Weapons
The Women of the West | The Diaries They Wrote
Native Americans in the West
The Rush for Gold | Ghost Towns
Museums | Monuments | Historic Places
Art | Literature | Music | Recipies
Life Syles | Shelter | Western Fashion
Also: places you can visit that have maintained and preserved a slice of this Old West

TheTrails West WebRing is primarily designed for non-commerical sites. A commercial site MUST have significant historical content before it will be considered for membership!

The URL that you submit to the Webring must be the one on which your "Navigation Bar" is located. If all of your rings are on a "ring" page or a "links" page, that's fine, as long as the URL matches the one you submit to the Webring. If it is not, the Webring will treat your page as a broken link.

The Navigation Bar will be located at the Webring page. Please make sure that you create a password for yourself so you can edit your pages later, and also remember your "Ring ID Number."

Please feel free to "capture" either or both of the logos at the top of this page.

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