The Overland Trail

Stations, Stops, and Landmarks
From Julesburg to Fort Bridger

  • An Overview of Stage Stations on the Overland Trail
  • Distances between the stations

    "What Torture It Must Have Been" An original poem written after visiting abandoned stage stations along the Overland Trail in Wyoming, June 2001 New
    "Riding Shotgun On The Overland Stage" An original poem.New

    The Stage Stations on the Overland Trail from East to West

  • Julesburg: the Wild West at the "California Crossing"
  • Following the South Platte: Julesburg to Latham
  • Fort Sedgwick
  • Latham: an important junction on the South Platte
  • Latham to LaPorte, via Denver
  • Fort St. Vrain along the South Platte River
  • Fort Vasquez Built in 1837 by Louis Vasquez and Andrew Sublette
  • The Fort Morgan Cutoff
  • Denver: the largest settlement in the West
  • Namaqua At the Big Thompson, also known as "Mariano's Crossing"
  • Looking at LaPorte: gateway to the Rockies.
  • From LaPorte to Virginia Dale along the old Cherokee Trail
  • Livermore,Colorado home of the historic Forks Cafe, built in 1874
  • Virginia Dale: site of the only station to remain intact on the Overland Trail
  • Willow Springs near present day Tie Siding, Wyoming
  • Ames Monument Built by Union Pacific RR, near Tie Siding
  • North into Wyoming: From Willow Springs to The North Platte Crossing
  • Big Laramie
  • Fort Halleck
  • The North Platte Crossing
  • North Platte to LaClede
  • La Clede
  • Big Pond to Fort Bridger
  • Fort Bridger
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