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In October, 2000 I began to feature websites that embody the true spirit of the Westward Movement. These sites have significant historical content, possibly photos and/or maps, and are suitable for all age groups. The "West" is defined loosely as 19th Century America, primarily west of the Mississippi River and anything and anybody associated with it.

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  • Spotlight of the Month January 2001 Pony Express Home Station Ranked among the most remarkable feats to come out of the 1860 American West, the Pony Express was in service from April 1860 to November 1861. Its primary mission was to deliver mail and news between St. Joseph, Missouri, and San Francisco, California. Visit the "Bunkhouse" where you'll find links to the history of the Pony Express, a list of riders, stations located from 5 to 20 miles apart, museums along the route, statues, and much more! You'll also find stories of the Pony Express as published in the newspapers of the times, and "Pony Tales."

  • Spotlight of the Month December, 2000 Ancient Footpaths: Native American Indian Trails The original trails to the West were the established Indian routes. These Ancient Footpaths were established wherever people lived. Footpaths etched the habits of the early inhabitants of America. This is an extensive site with emphasis on the ancient trails in and around Ohio, and with information about "The Great Trail," "The Road to Marietta," "The Buffalo Wallow On Pancake Trail," "Smoke Signal Bowls: The First E-mail," and "Trail Signal Trees."

  • Spotlight of the Month November, 2000 The Santa Fe Trail From Space An incredible amount of work has gone into putting together this site. You'll find over 140 pairs of photos and maps that follow the Santa Fe Trail. The first link for each pair is a USGS Photo of the point of interest along the Santa Fe Trail. A short explanation is included. The second link will take you to a view from space of the same spot along the trail from the "Microsoft Terra Server Site." Campsites, ranches, creek crossings, ruts, grave sites, and junctions with other emigrants roads are all included.

  • Spotlight of the Month October, 2000 The Columbia River Connection Describes the amazing connection between Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery and the Oregon Trail as provided by the Columbia River. A day by day account of the Lewis and Clark travels along the Columbia River. Lots of maps and photos.

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