Grave of Jack Slade

Salt Lake City, Utah

Grave of Jack Slade

Early in 1864 the Vigilantes in Montana were organized. Henry Plummer had just been elected sheriff, and rumor was that he was the leader of the worst gang of criminals in the region. He was soon seized and hung by the Vigilantes at the town of Bannack.

Meanwhile Jack Slade arrived near Virginia City, Montana after being fired from the Overland Stage Line, and resumed his stunt of taking a few drinks, and wrecking the saloon. The Vigilantes stepped in and Jack was arrested. Unfortunately he tore up the warrent for his arrest and threatened the judge. That was a mistake!

He pleaded for his life and even promised to leave the country... but to no avail. He was hung immediately.

Virginia, brought to town by one of Jack's friends, took his body home, pickled it in alcohol in a metal casket, and kept it under her bed for several months. She then took it to Salt Lake City, Utah and buried him in the old Mormon Cemetery.

Jack Slade is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery in Block B, Lot 6, Grave 7.

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