The Overland Stage Line

Employees and others influential people

When Ben Holladay, the New York millionaire, took over the financially stricken Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Company towards the end of 1861, he immediately reorganized, and changed to name to the "Overland Stage Line." On taking possession, Holladay spent a large amount of money in making the "Overland" the best-equipped stage line in the country, as it was by far the longest and most important one. He bought a large number of the celebrated Concord stage-coaches, and spared no expense in picking up, all over the country, the best horses and mules to be found suitable for the work that was to be done. He also hired the most capable and experienced stage men to be found anywhere, from division agents to stock tenders. His purpose was to do everything to facilitate the transportation of the mail, and to make the trip more pleasant for its passengers.

Employees Not Listed as Drivers or Messengers:

Beach, Thomas
Beach, A.T.
Benham, Alexander
Beni, Jules
Bridger, Jim
Enos, Jim
Gilmer, John T.
Hughes, Andrew
Hughes, Bela M.
Huston, Albert
Letson, W. W.
Lloyd, George M.
Majors, Alexander
Otis, George K.
Pease, Robert
Porter, Henry
Richards, Hugo
Slade, Jack
Street, David

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