My Solar House

Blue sky, prairie grass, antelope and lots of sunshine surround my house

I live in a house that my son Magnus built (...well, he had some help). It's miles from anywhere, including the power lines. We naturally decided to "go solar", especially since we have a wonderful southern exposure. Magnus designed the solar system and we are able to live comfortably in a 1800 square foot home. Of course, I don't have a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, an electric coffeepot, or a frost-free fridge, but I also don't have monthly bills from the electric company. AND... when the weather gets really nasty, and the power in the surrounding area goes out, I can still surf the net or watch TV.

Living 40 miles from the nearest store, with at least 15 miles of dirt road to bump along, we have learned to "stock-up". Of course having caring neighbors helps too! We have found that one just can't run to the store at every whim, and a real sense of community is at the heart of this area.

That flat mountain to the left of my house is Table Mountain, or "Robber's Roost" as the locals call it. Read about the gold robbery at the Virginia Dale Stage Station Pages, and the robber's hangout on top of the mountain. The gold was never might still be somewhere near...

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