Fort Vasquez, Colorado

Fur Trading Along The South Platte

Fort Vasquez
Fort Vasquez, located on Highway 85 along the South Platte River north of Fort Lupton, Colorado.
Fort Vasquez The original fort was about 100 feet square with walls 12 feet tall constructed of adobe.
Fort Vasquez
In the 1930's the WPA partially reconstructed the fort.
Fort Vasquez
The original fort was constructed of adobe, a mixture of mud and straw. Over time the walls will crumble and melt.
Fort Vasquez Plaque
Established in 1837 by Louis Vasquez and Andrew W. Sublette

Maintained until 1842 as a post for trade in buffalo robes and beaver skins with Arapahoes and Cheyennes.
Rendezvous of early trappers.
Emigrant station on Platte River Trail after gold rush of 1859.

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Located at 40 11' 39"N, 104 49' 15"W

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