The Fort La Clede Stage Station, Wyoming

A Gallery of Photos

La Clede Stage Station The La Clede Stage Station. The hills in the background are probably where the fossilized stone for the buildings was obtained.
La Clede Stage Station An interior wall of the Stage Station.
Fort La Clede This is the bigger of the two buildings at Fort La Clede, situated to the east of the smaller building at the fort.
Fort La Clede The walls of the Fort consist of a double row of the tortilla rock.
Fort La Clede The smaller of the fort buildings.
Gun Ports Looking through the gun port.

"Standing in the remains of that old Fort looking out through the gun ports, I could not help but start imaginging that I myself was one of the old-time Cavalry soldiers staring out into the sun on the lookout for marauding Indians! What a tough and hearty breed of people it took to conquer the west and bring this great nation together!" --Chuck Mack.

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For a map of Fort Clede, Wyoming.
Located at: 41 24' 53"N, 108 23' 24"W

All photos and above information provided by the Mack Family

Read "What Torture It Must Have Been", an original poem
written by Mr. Mack upon visiting the La Clede Stage Station.

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