The David Douglas Trail

David Douglas
David Douglas
1799 - 1834

  • David Douglas A Biography of the famed Scottish botanical explorer who was the greatest plant and seed collector to walk the earth. His collecting adventures took him 12,000 miles on foot, horseback and canoe. There are more plants named for Douglas than for any other person in the history of scientific nomenclature.
  • David Douglas's Trail: " Names for the New World" Sunset Magazine's article by Peter Fish.
  • Douglas Fir Also known as Coast Douglas-fir, Oregon Pine, Oregon Douglas-fir, Douglas Tree, Interior Douglas-fir
  • Douglas in Oregon From the Lewis & Clark site. It is impossible to venture anywhere in much of the American West without seeing a plant he collected, that he named, or that was named for him. In fact, in many places, all one needs to do is look at the forests on the higher mountains—there it will be, Douglas-fir, accounting for one-fourth of all the standing saw timber in the United States.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica EntryAfter serving as a gardener at the Botanical Garden at Glasgow, Douglas went to the U.S. as a botanical collector for the Royal Horticultural Society. His first trip was to the Oregon Territory in 1823; he later made several other scientific journeys, especially to the North American Far West.
  • Kaluakauka The Doctor's Pit, Hawaii Douglas died from injuries received from a wild bull having fallen into a pit-trap in Hawaii.
  • Near the Umpqua River Excerpts from David Douglas's Journal, October 8, 1826.
  • Oregon's State Tree: The Douglas Fir Douglas Firs generally grow 180 to 200 feet in height and four to six feet in diameter. Some giants may measure 325 feet in height, with a circumference of ten to fifteen feet.
  • Who was David Douglas? From the Robert Douglas Memorial school in Scone, Scotland.
  • World Forestry Center The David Douglas Room. Named in honor of the famed Scottish Botanist. It is adjacent to the David Douglas Garden, which contains a living collection of northwest native plants that were discovered and cataloged by the explorer/botanist during his travels in the region.

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