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This coach is believed to have been built for Hon. Ginery Twichell, a stage line operater in Central Massachusetts between 1830 and 1846. This restored coach is now the property of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cowles of Bath, New Hampshire. It is a familiar sight at parades and other festivities throughout New England.

Ginery Twichell was called "The Unrivalled Express Driver." In 1864, he drove from Worcester to Greenfield, back to Worcester, and on to Boston--all druring a storm. The purpose of this 150 mile trip was to deliver newspaper dispatches. He became so popular he was given his own coach, which was substantial and required very few repairs. The largest party the coach carried, 62 young ladies, was to the suburbs to pick blackberries. Twichell later became President of the Boston and Worcester Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroads.

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